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Italeri M32B1 Armored Recovery Vehicle 1:35 6547 Model Kit

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ARVs, an acronym that stands for Armored Recovery Vehicle, were introduced during the Second World War. They were built on the hulls of existing armored vehicles, stripped of the turret and main gun, and equipped with specific equipment for the recovery and repair of armored and armored vehicles damaged in battle. The M-32, implemented on the hull of the well-known and widespread A-4 Sherman tank, was used by the US armed forces during the Second World War in Italy and on the Western Front. It was characterized by the adoption of a superstructure for lifting and towing damaged wagons and by the significant supply of tools and spare parts which emphasized its role as a real "armoured mobile workshop" capable of operating on the front line . The most complex interventions such as the replacement of a tank's engine could be guaranteed. The M-32 also served in the US Army during the Korean War and was used by many armed forces until the early 1990s.