November new releases from Round 2

IBG Models

IBG Models

We are now starting to stock kits from IBG Models. These kits are made in Poland.

From what I have seen these kits get high marks for their quality and detail.

They make a lot of kits of World War Two vehicles. They are replicas of many of the CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) vehicles made in Canada by GM of Canada and Ford of Canada.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more of these models in the future.

Now stocking Testors paints and glue!

Now stocking Testors paints and glue!

We are now stocking 26 different Testors paint sets. We have both acrylics and enamels. From the most basic sets to those that have carousels to hold your paints.

That includes detail sets for cars and airplanes, fluorescent colors, camo colors and more.

Most of the sets include a brush or two and some include a tube of glue.

Check out the complete line here.

Welcome to our new website!

We've updated our site. We changed a few things around, added some color and we hope we made it easier to find everything. You can use the menus across the top or down the side to search for products. A new checkout page lets you calculate the shipping costs before you checkout. Now you will see the quantity available for our in stock items.

We hope it provides a smoother and better experience for all of our customers. 

So come on in, look around and let us know what you think. We hope you like it!

Revell F/A-18F Super Hornet

Here is a link to a nice review of the Revell F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Here are a few of our latest items

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

I just got some more in stock and I happened to see this video on Youtube. I hope you like it.

Kenworth W900 Truck Model Kit

Kenworth W900 Truck Model Kit

A lot of our customers are truck enthusiasts so we try to keep a selection in stock at reasonable prices.

This new kit (for us) really fills the bill. It's a Kenworth W900 truck model kit. It is part of the Historic Series and is made by Revell in 1/25 scale.

Features include:
- Chrome plated simulated alloy wheels, dual exhaust stacks
- Roof mounted horns and mirrors with antennas
- Turbocharged 6 cylinder diesel engine
- Decals with optional strips or custom graphics, Kenworth markings and license plates
- Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires
Even with all these features it is a Skill Level 2 kit and is suitable for younger builders. It's a good kit to get youngsters into model building.
Kenworth      More Trucks here

Volkswagen Golf 1 GTI

Volkswagen Golf 1 GTI
     Here at Shore Line Hobby we like to feature kits that may not be on the top of everyone's wishlist.
     Today's feature kit is the VW Golf 1 GTI. This kit is made by Revell Germany and was produced in 2014. 
Some of the features of this kit include:
- bodywork with typical wheel arch flares
- detailed interior with dash-board
- front seats and rear bench seat
- dash-board for left or right hand drive versions
- separate opening bonnet
- multi-part fully detailed four-cylinder engine
- separate exhaust system
- rotating wheels
- front spoiler
- rubber tires
- decals with various registration numbers (D, GB, F, NL, B, A, CH, I, S, DK).
    At the IAA 1975 Volkswagen presented a vehicle that was initially developed without the knowledge of the board of directors. This sporty offshoot of the Golf 1 offered properties which characterize a true sports car - a low curb weight combined with a powerful engine.  

    With mechanical fuel injection, impressive power, and an incredibly low curb weight, the VW Golf 1 GTI revolutionized the sports car market. For the first time sporty, aggressive cars were within the price range of the average buyer. It didn't look like a sports car but its performance, 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 9 seconds, top speed of 110 mph (180 km/h)-put it firmly in the sports car category. I'm not too sure that I'd want to drive at 110 mph in a Golf but I could if I wanted to try it.

Soviet Sukhoi SU-24M Fencer

Soviet Sukhoi SU-24M Fencer

One of the airplane models we just got back in stock is the Soviet Sukhoi SU-24M Fencer. This airplane was accepted in service on February 4, 1971. About 1,400 aircraft were produced. They have been updated over the years with improvements like upgraded cockpits with multi-function displays and provision for the latest guided weapons.

This short video shows a couple of "Fencers" in flight.