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Tamiya 1/35 METAL GUN BARREL SET German Jagdpanzer Iv/70(V)Lang Detail Set

SKU: TAM-12660

Available - Ships in 3-5 Business Days.

Detail set for Tamiya #35340 - German Jagdpanzer Iv/70(V)Lang

This detail-up part set is available to add a higher level of realism to Item 35340 1/35 German Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang. The high-precision metal parts in this set recreate barrel and breech parts of the Lang's impressive 70-caliber 7.5cm main gun.

  • Precise recreation of the 7.5cm gun barrel in aluminum gives a sharp finish and eliminates the need for removal of parting lines which arises when using resin plastic parts.
  • Features separate metal parts recreating gun breech, operating wheel, equilibrators and more.
  • Equilibrators are moving parts with built in poly caps. They allow elevation and depression of the gun barrel.
  • For use with Item 35340 1/35 German Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang.