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Italeri 1/72 C27J Spartan/G222 Cargo Transport Aircraft 1450

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The twin-engine Aeritalia G-222 transport aircraft was designed towards the end of the 60s by the famous Giuseppe Gabrielli, designer of fighters such as the G.55 and the G. 91 and was born for a precise need of the Italian Air Force: to have a tactical transport aircraft, smaller than the four-engine Lockheed C-130 Hercules, able to take off and land from very short and unprepared runways. The two turboprop engines are capable of making the G-222 reach 480 km/h and the aircraft is characterized by excellent maneuverability even when fully loaded. Since 2005 it has been gradually replaced by its evolution, the C-27J Spartan. The Alenia C-27J Spartan is the new, vastly updated and improved version of the G 222 tactical transport aircraft. The Spartan is equipped with two new and powerful Rolls-Royce AE2100-D2 turboprop engines capable of bringing the aircraft to of over 600 km/h. It can carry up to 68 soldiers or 46 fully equipped paratroopers, or over 11 tons of materials. The version supplied to the Italian Air Force also includes 2 Head Up Displays, a digital cockpit and advanced avionics systems that give the aircraft all-weather capabilities and in the most risky operating environments. It was also used in Afghanistan to support military and humanitarian operations.