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Round 2 Klingon K't'inga I.K.S. AMAR 1:350 Scale Model Kit Polar Lights 950 - Shore Line Hobby

Polar Lights Klingon K't'inga I.K.S. AMAR 1:350 Scale Model Kit 950

$183.00 $199.00
SKU: PolarLights-950


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This ALL-NEW kit from Polar Lights continues our popular 1:350 scale lineup. It captures every detail discriminating modelers demand. Nearly every panel and “greebly” detail has been excruciatingly researched and reproduced. It even includes a resin bridge dome to ensure the detail was captured that was shown in the paint-scraping flyby sequence in the film. The kit is engineered to assemble with ease and allow lighting to be installed. A full color decal and paint guide shows base colors as well as weathering. A step-by-step guide provides clear assembly instructions. It includes a colorful water-slide decal sheet as well as dome base with metal support tube.


Molded in near-black and clear
Skill 2, paint and cement required
Decal sheet features Klingon logos & markings
Dome base with metal support tube
Includes optional resin bridge dome to capture details injected molding can’t maintain
Big 1:350 scale – 2 FEET LONG – STUDIO SCALE – thoroughly researched to match the filming miniature used in STAR TREK : The Motion Picture
Engineered for lighting
Full color paint guide