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Italeri Jaguar XJ220 1:24 3631 Plastic Model Kit

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The Jaguar XJ 220 was made famous for its top speed record, among series production cars, with 350 km/h held between 1992 and 1994. The birth of the project is also curious. In fact, it originated from the idea and creativity of Jaguar employees who worked on projects, not included in commercial requests, but innovative and original. The result of the working group called "The Saturday Club" was the birth of a "concept car" which was presented at the British Motor Show in 1988 and obtained great public interest. The Jaguar XJ 220 was born from the project, the first production car of which was produced in 1991. A light and extremely powerful car, it had the performance of a real "top sports car" and was characterized by an aerodynamic design with extremely modern lines for the time.