Tom "Mongoose" McEwen 1969 Barracuda Funny Car 1/25 Polar Lights 953

Polar Lights

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In 1969, Tom McEwen campaigned the Barracuda funny car that previously belonged to Candies & Hughes. With an all new paint job and McEwen's piloting skills, this racer was a memorable player in the history of early funny cars! Polar Lights kit features all-new decals, painstakingly created for authenticity, accuracy and fit. Pad printed M&H Racemaster drag slicks sweeten the deal. Outstanding packaging with multiple photos of the car offer modelers plenty of reference material!

Molded in White
Skill 2, paint and cement required
Flip-up body
Highly-detailed engine and chassis
2 supercharger intake options
Wheel options front and rear
Pad-printed M&H drag slicks
Authentic, accurate decals
Attractive packaging