Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Set 1:2500 Scale Model Kit Set AMT 764


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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine focused on a Federation space station tasked with monitoring a nearby wormhole for signs of enemy advances. Though DS9 would never move, all sorts of spacecraft could be seen flying by and docking at the station. This 3-ship Cadet Series set focuses on the spacecraft made iconic on this show.

The USS Saratoga was the ship that DS9's Captain Benjamin Sisko had previously been assigned to though it was tragically lost in an attack by the infamous Borg. The USS Defiant was an experimental "hot rod" of a spacecraft designed by the federation for speed and firepower to defend the station. Like all great Trek series, an alien race always proves best to serve as an adversary. In this case the Cardassians filled that role and their primary ship of choice was the Galor-class cruiser.
Product Details:
Scale: 1/2500
Skill Level: 2
Features:  Molded in light grey, blue, gold and creamy white
                 Includes three ships
                 Snap assembly
                 Extensive decals
                 Fresh tooling
*Snap kit. No glue required*