MPC 1/3200 Space 1999: Alpha Moonbase Plastic Model Kit


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  • Recreate the main stage for all the action on the show Space: 1999 ! Base measures 17-inches x 17-inches square. Includes 5 unique landing pads, a 4-piece vacuform base, in-scale Eagle Transporters, and more!
  • Requires glue and paint, not included. The design and production values of the 1970s TV series Space: 1999 stand in high regard to sci-fi fans around the world. The main stage for all of the action in the show was Moonbase Alpha, and this Space 1999 Alpha Moon Base 1:1800 Model Kit recreates the entire scene!
  • The kit is comprised of 2 elements, a 1:1800 scale model of the entire base and a larger 1:115 scale of the base's control room. This expanded release contains significant changes to make the model more accurate. Five unique landing pads are included along with other pieces needed to accurately portray the layout of the structure.
  • A 4-piece vacuform base supplies the entire sprawl of the moon base surface. In-scale Eagle Transporters are also included. The base measures 17-inches x 17-inches square.