MC-130E Hercules Combat Talon I Aircraft 1/72 Italeri 1369 Plastic Model Kit


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Plastic model kit, requires paint and cement for assembly (not included).

The Lockheed MC-130E Combat Talon I, derived directly from the famous Hercules, has been developed to be used in high level of complexity tasks. In details, the MC-130 was designed to operate by the United States Air Force Special Operation Command (AFSOC) and able to perform infiltration mission behind the enemy lines, hostages rescue, recovery and support of special forces troops . The Combat Talon I has been operating since the early nineties and it has taken part to several missions in various operational theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Compared to the previous version of MC-130, it has STOL quality, to land and take off from short and unprepared runway, improved, and a fully upgraded avionics, radar and navigation systems suitable for the all-weather mission.