M3A1 US Army Personnel Carrier 1/35 Revell-Monogram 0035

Revell Monogram

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Halftracks provided protection, mobility, and support in virtually every conflict theater during both World War II and the Korean War. The M-16 version had a top speed of around 40mph and it was very versatile. With varying equipment, it could carry troops, weapons, supplies, and more. For this kit, the M-16 is fitted with a 50 caliber machine gun and is equipped with seating for six soldiers. Kit features extra storage boxes, fuel cans, seated driver, eight crew figures, flexible tracks, and opening doors.

Product Features:

1/35 scale, skill level 4. Paint and cement required
-7.3" long
-3" wide
-92 parts.
-Moving winch, tracks, machine gun and doors.
-Nine realistic figures
-Molded in Olive Drab plastic