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KATO N Scale UP Excursion Train 7 Cars 106-086 Union Pacific

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The 7-car Excursion train consist features two brand new cars – A Power Car (A modified/rebuilt Baggage Dormitory car prototypically used for providing head end power to the trailing cars) and a UP Business car “Kenefick”, forming the head and tail of the excursion consist, which also includes notable cars like the vibrantly decorated Promontory Museum car, with its full-body American Flag wrap, and a pair of Dome cars.

N Union Pacific Excursion Train 7-Car Set

Set Contents:

Power Car #207

Budd 10-6 Sleeper #202 "Willie James"

Museum Car #5779 "Promontory"

Dome Coach #7001 "Colombine"

Coach #5473 "Portland Rose"

Dome Diner #8008 "City of Portland"

Business Car #119 "Kenefick"