Franzis 1/4 Porsche 911 Boxer Flat-Six Engine w/Sound 67140 Model Kit

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Build your own classic 1966 air-cooled 6 cylinder engine model! PORSCHE 911 as a transparent functional model in 1:4 scale.

The heart of the original Porsche 911 becomes tangible with this functioning engine model.
By placing and screwing the various parts, you can assemble this building kit that appeals to everyone's imagination.

The high-quality kit is made according to original drawings, it consists of 290 separate parts, some of which are movable.
The plastic components are screwed or slide into place. So you build the whole thing without glue.

When the model is ready, the crankshaft, pistons and valves move truthfully. Through the transparent housing parts, the mechanics of the boxer engine can be seen and understood from the outside.

Even the ignition sparks in the cylinders are simulated with LEDs.

Experience the boxer engine with all your senses!
See the valves open and close, see the crankshaft turn precisely, close your eyes and hear the original engine sound, feel the vibrations you know from the popometer!

- Sound module with original boxer sound
- Transparent housing for a fascinating look inside
- Camshaft controlled via toothed belt
- Simulated ignition spark
- Working ignition distributor
- Powered fan wheel
- Platform to set up
- Extra required NOT included: 3 1.5 V batteries (AA type)
- Not suitable for children under 14 years!
- The ideal gift for Porsche enthusiasts.