Dragon Armor 1/72 Super Heavy Tank Maus with Testbed #60323 New Discon – Shore Line Hobby

Dragon Armor 1/72 Super Heavy Tank Maus with Testbed #60323 New Discontinued

$ 23.95 $ 28.50

"Ready to Test" Super Heavy Tank Maus with Testbed at Boblingen. Made by Dragon Armor in 2007. The scale is 1/72.

- True to 1/72 scale
- Diorama Base Included
- Detailed markings
- Fully assembled
- Highly collectible

At 188 tons, the Maus was the heaviest tank design to reach the prototype stage in WWII. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it was suitable classified as a super-heavy tank. It’s ironic that the name Maus means “mouse” in German! The first V1 turretless prototype was completed by Alkett in December 1943, with testing commencing the same month with a mock turret. A production run of 150 tanks was envisaged, but when the war ended a total of only nine Maus tanks were found in various stages of completion. Dragon has produced a scale model of the mighty Maus as it appeared in its prototypical stage. The original V1 prototype featured a weighted mock-up to replicate the actual weight of the turret.

This item has been carefully reproduced on the model, and the whole vehicle is finished in a monotone sand color. The 1/72 scale model is presented in a fully completed mini-diorama, with the Maus ready to begin testing in water at the Boblingen testing facility. The concrete texture on this diorama is superbly rendered in a resin cold casting. This Maus is ready for its driving test!

This is a new item in the box. It has been discontinued.