Chevy Corvette Sebring 1971 Stars & Stripes Revell 85-2825 1/25 Model Kit

Revell Monogram

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- Removable hardtop and unique headlight covers

- Accurate endurance racer decals printed by Cartograph

- Molded in white, clear and transparent red with chrome plated parts and black vinyl tires

By Revell 1/25 Scale Model - One of the more notable names in Corvette® performance and racing history is John Greenwood. Like many American car enthusiasts in the late 1960’s, John was a drag racing fan. However, once learning about and then trying out gymkhana type competition among non-professional drivers, John fell for road racing. At the time, he was driving a ’68 Corvette® equipped with the special L-88 version of Chevy’s® big block 427 engine, so he had some pretty heavy-duty hardware to start with.