Academy Da Vinci Series Catapult


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Academy's Da Vinci Catapult is an interpretation of the original drawing, designed during the Renaissance era by the famous Italian scientist and artist, Leonardo da Vinci. Imagine holding a piece of history in your hand and it operates as well. The Catapult was designed for siege warfare. Like a crossbow, catapult force is obtained from two flexible limbs. Academy's technical engineers captured the wonders of this mechanical masterpiece, making this rubber band powered kit a joy to build, display or operate. It snaps together without any tools, glue, batteries and it doesn't need painting. Leonardo da Vinci's design used the tension stored in bent wood to fling objects great distances. This model can hurl its "stone boulders" 15' or more. Part of Academy's Da Vinci Machine Series, this easy to assemble, historical and educational kit would make a terrific introductory model for the budding modeler, student looking for a school project, or lots of fun for the office.