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Tamiya Lockheed F-16C (BLOCK 25/32) 1:48 61101 Plastic Model Kit

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SKU: Tamiya-61101
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★Length: 316mm, Width: 197mm ★Distinctive characteristics of the Block 25/32 such as smaller air intake, P&W engine nozzle, and main landing gear are all accurately reproduced. ★Horizontal stabilizers feature polycaps to enable free movement and flaperons can be built in either up or down positions. ★AIM-120C and AIM-9M/X missiles, GBU-12 laser-guided bombs, LITENING II targeting pod, and external fuel tanks all included for a variety of weapons loadouts. ★Pilot figure and 2 types of flight helmets included. ★3 types of colorful markings, including California ANG, are included.