Volkswagen Golf 1 GTI

Volkswagen Golf 1 GTI
     Here at Shore Line Hobby we like to feature kits that may not be on the top of everyone's wishlist.
     Today's feature kit is the VW Golf 1 GTI. This kit is made by Revell Germany and was produced in 2014. 
Some of the features of this kit include:
- bodywork with typical wheel arch flares
- detailed interior with dash-board
- front seats and rear bench seat
- dash-board for left or right hand drive versions
- separate opening bonnet
- multi-part fully detailed four-cylinder engine
- separate exhaust system
- rotating wheels
- front spoiler
- rubber tires
- decals with various registration numbers (D, GB, F, NL, B, A, CH, I, S, DK).
    At the IAA 1975 Volkswagen presented a vehicle that was initially developed without the knowledge of the board of directors. This sporty offshoot of the Golf 1 offered properties which characterize a true sports car - a low curb weight combined with a powerful engine.  

    With mechanical fuel injection, impressive power, and an incredibly low curb weight, the VW Golf 1 GTI revolutionized the sports car market. For the first time sporty, aggressive cars were within the price range of the average buyer. It didn't look like a sports car but its performance, 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 9 seconds, top speed of 110 mph (180 km/h)-put it firmly in the sports car category. I'm not too sure that I'd want to drive at 110 mph in a Golf but I could if I wanted to try it.

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