Classic cars are back in stock

Classic cars are back in stock

We've added a few real classic cars recently. One of my favorites is the Bugatti Royale Town Car shown in the picture. Just the name, Bugatti, sounds like elegance, grace and class. And this Coupe Napoleon has it all.

Officially known as the Bugatti Type 41 the Royale was a large luxury car that was built between 1929 and 1933. It was 21 feet long and weighed a whopping 7,000 pounds. It was powered by a 778 cubic inch straight 8 engine. It was one of the largest cars ever made.

Bugatti planned to produce 25 of these Royale Town Cars and sell them to royalty all over the world. But the Depression ruined his plans and only 6 were produced.

Besides the Bugatti, we have a Cadillac Town Car and a Mercedes-Benz.



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