1956 Ford Victoria - Featured Kit of the Week

The feature kit this week is from AMT. It's the 1956 Ford Victoria 3 in 1 Hardtop Customizing Kit. This is the Retro Deluxe Edition that was released in 2013. Also shows as part of the Trophy Series. The first thing I notice on the front of the box is that the kit has opening doors and steerable wheels. Not having to cut the doors open like some kits is a big time saver. Some of the other parts included are a custom console, custom bucket seats, custom grille housing and roll pan, a rear roll pan and rear grille, two-piece lake pipes and dual 4 bbl carbs. If you're not into the racing or custom versions you can always build it stock.

 To purchase this kit click here. If you would rather have a 1956 Ford Pickup then click here.

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