Gloster Meteor and V-1 - Featured Kit of the Week

Tamiya released this kit awhile ago. But I'm featuring it this week because it includes two complete models.

One is the Gloster Meteor. The Meteor was first flown in March of 1943. It was the only Allied jet fighter to see action during the war. The first two V-1 kills were made on August 4, 1944 and by war's end had taken down 14 of V-1s. Once the V-1 threat ended the RAF no longer flew the Meteor over German-held territory for fear that one would be shot down and salvaged by the Germans.

The second model in the box is the Fieseler Fi103 or V-1 flying bomb (or buzz bomb). While it could be launched from static sites many were dropped from modified Heinkel He 111s. Overall only about 25 per cent of the V-1s hit their targets, the majority being lost because of a combination of defensive measures, mechanical unreliability or guidance errors. With the capture or destruction of the launch facilities used to attack England, the V-1s were employed in attacks against strategic points in Belgium, primarily the port of Antwerp.

This is a 1/48 scale military aircraft kit.

To purchase this kit click here.
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