NASA Space Shuttle in 1/144 Scale by Minicraft

Minicraft released this kit of the Space Shuttle back in 2012. In 1/144 scale the model still measures over 9" long. It has opening cargo bay doors and can be built to display with wheels down on the ground or as it would be configured in flight.

The kit also includes the interior flight deck and cargo bay. It also has a Shuttle payload satellite.

Best of all, it includes markings for Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise.

Check out the video of a Shuttle landing. You can buy yours here.

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  • Buck Pointer - April 29, 2016

    Would like to see early spacecraft kits for Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo\LEM. Also early Soviet space capsules. All in the same general scale. I believe Revell and AMT had kits of these
    I would truly enjoy putting some these together like I did back in the 60’s (I’m an old fart)!!

    PS any catalogs would be appreciated.

    Buck Pointer
    133 Cardinal Rd
    Lyons, GA 30346

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