UH-34D Seahorse Operation Deep Freeze Antarctica

This is a 1/48 scale model helicopter from Gallery Models. It has many neat features including full cockpit and cabin interiors, complete engine and opening bay doors and "bent-leg" landing gear and "high" exhaust parts. The kit has more than 330 parts including photo etched screens and detail parts.

Operation Deep Freeze is the code name for a series of United States missions to Antarctica. Starting in 1955 Operation Deep Freeze has given the U.S. a constant presence in in that frozen land. Multiple nations sent scientist to Antarctica to gain a better understanding of the continent, the least explored area on earth. The US Navy was tasked with supporting the U.S. scientists in their research.

The Sikorsky H-34 was a vast improvement of the H-19. It could carry 12-16 troops or 8 litters in the MedEvac role. All H-34s have a single four-blade main rotor with a 56 foot diameter. The fuselage length is 46"9'. The H-34 is one of the largest helicopters with a piston engine having a 1525 horsepower Wright R-1820-84 radial powerplant. Top speed is 123 miles-per-hour with a range of 182 miles.

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