Dodge L-700 Tilt Cab Kit from Lindberg

This is a model of the Dodge L-700 Tilt Cab truck in 1/25 scale from Lindberg. It's something a little different for modelers who like truck kits. 

Features include:

- Tilting Cab

- Steerable front wheels

- Hinged opening doors

- Realistic "361" V-8 Truck engine

- Super "High Miler" Vinyl tires.

The strange and fairly rare L-Series medium-duty Trucks were based on the A-100 series of light duty trucks. Chrysler chose to utilize the resources they had including bodies from the A-100 compacts to create a medium-duty vehicle for 1966. These trucks had excellent maneuverability; their wheelbase was a short 89 inches allowing for U-turns on streets as narrow as 28 feet. For major repairs, the cab tilted up for access to either a Perkins Diesel (optional on L-600) or the 194 hp 361-3 V-8 for the L-Series rigs.

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